6 Years!

wedding kissAs of today, Thomas and I have been married for 6 years! We can’t belive it has already been that long, and we are really excited to know we will one day celebrate 25 years……50 years……still saying the same words.

With Wesley’s arrival pending, we knew that this year would not entail anything too big in the way of celebration (like we did last year), for we really had no idea if he would be here in our arms on the 31st, making his way here, or still in the womb, as he is now.

We did celebrate, however. We began by playing hookie from church. My mother watched Daniel for us, and we went to a nearby town that we never visit, so it really did fell like we were on vacation. Everything was unfamiliar, complete with many new/different restaurants, shops, and such. First we visited a store and just relaxed and browsed the aisles, despite being asked about 100 times if we “needed help finding anything.”  Then, we beat the church lunch rush and enjoyed a nice meal. Thomas was asked by the hostess upon being seated, “Is the baby yours?” I had already journeyed to the restroom, so I missed this part. Before our meals arrived, we exchanged anniversary cards. Both of us chose funny ones this year, so we were each laughing in turn as we came to the humorous parts. Another great form of entertainment was our whispering waiter. Thomas had an extremely hard time hearing anything he asked or said, and we used him as fodder for a mock SNL skit that we played out in our minds. At least he was a good server. Next, we saw a movie, and we really enjoyed the spacious theater with stadium seats and very few movie-goers. The sound at the theater was superb, and we could feel our seats vibrate during some of the extremely intense scenes. Finally, we each got ourselves a treat before heading home. Thomas chose some Oreo ice cream and I got a Starbucks drink. Yummy!

All throughout the day we have been looking at the time, trying to remember what portion of the day was unfolding excatly 6 years ago. It is fun to remember the emotions of our wedding day, being so full of joy and the wonderful anticipation of embarking on our life together in matrimony. Oddly enough, those same feelings are present today, just slightly altered: joyful of our years of marriage already unveiled and wonderfully anticipating our second child! I wonder what the next 6 years have in store!


6 thoughts on “6 Years!

  1. Oh–what a cute picture. The years go by fast, don’t they?! Here’s to many more happy years together! Congrats!

  2. I know I congratulated you earlier, but seriously, it’s a day worth noting so “CONGRATULATIONS” again! So glad you had a lovely day together!

  3. Love the picture ;o) I didn’t tell you yesterday because I was at work all day, but congratulations on the 6 years of marriage! I can’t believe it has been 6 years already! Love you guys!

  4. Just wanted to add my congradulations, and tell you how glad I am that you are both looking forward to the legacy you will leave (we will one day celebrate 25 years……50 years……) and continuing to live for the joy of the moment. I can only encourage you to live in a way leaves no regrets if the unexpected happens, but still looks to the future with joy and longing.

    I pray that God will continue to bless your marriage and your family!

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