No Baby & No Bowling

To start with: I have not had the baby :o). I have had a few folks check-in on me recently, so I thought I would just kick off this post with that fact. I do go to the doctor again tomorrow, however, so maybe there will be some news to share then.

Being I am only a momma to one kid outside the womb, I am still attempting to do things with Daniel that might be fun for the two of us, not to mention much easier to coordinate with just one child. Today, we planned to bowl for free at a local bowling alley thanks to Kids Bowl for Free. Daniel can bowl 2 games every day this summer, at no cost to us! I did purchase a “family pass” for about $20 that would allow for 4 other folks to bowl 2 games along with him each time, but that is a pretty minimal expense. To make the day extra special, my brother Damien planned to go with us. Since his company did not have a job for him to work on this week (he is a stinkin’ awesome mechanical engineer that fixes printing presses all around the world), he gets to stay at home and get paid, and being that he is typically traveling, it is always nice to have him home. And believe it or not, a single man with no pressing work agenda opted to hang out with his super preggo sis and his super cute nephew—and I didn’t even have to beg and plead  ;o).

Upon pulling up to the bowling alley, there were about only 5 vehicles there= excellent………and about 4 school buses= NOT excellent. We went in anyway, not sure exactly what the students that came on those buses might be doing. Upon entering, we immediately saw the melee at the shoe counter from extremely hyper middle school students. I quickly said, “Daniel has no idea what bowling is, so he is not going to miss it if we don’t do it.” When then decided to just head to the enormous arcade instead.

fun with damien 002

This, too, was a crowded space, but we decided to let Daniel check things out anyway. Damien was going to get tokens, but there were way too many pre-teens in line trying to do the same. I said to forget it because Daniel would be just as happy pretending to play the games rather than truly playing them, which is a beautiful stage of childhood I might add. Soon enough, he will realize  if you spend money, the games do a lot more, and he will insist for spare change! He and Damien began going from game to game pushing flashing buttons and pretending to drive the cars, laughing each step of the way. I toddled behind, absorbing the fun, glad that Damien was the one being dragged in and out of each seat rather than me. While walking, I found a few dollars that some kid dropped on the floor, and amidst the chaos, I knew there would be no way of finding to which middle schooler it belonged, so I just decided to keep it and use it to actually get Daniel some tokens once the line dwindled. We then began to run around the arcade trying to convince Daniel to focus long enough to fun with damien 004realize games did more than have flashing buttons that did nothing when pushed. A game of basketball, some target practice, a min-bowling game, some skee-ball, and a drive in a car later, we decided to call it quits, much to Daniel’s dismay. I kept all his tickets for another trip because there were so many others stampeding the ticket redemption booth that I did not want to bother, especially since he had no idea what the tickets meant. Since we have a pass for the entire summer, we will be back—when school buses are NOT there—and we can redeem them then.

Afterward, Damien suggested we visit a Japanese restaurant. It was a reasonably priced hibachi restaurant that was not too busy for lunch. We all enjoyed watching the chef cook up our meal, and it was neat, even though he did not do as many tricks as other places I have visited. Daniel behaved very well, having fun smelling the air when smoke emitted from the grill. He did get a little startled when the chef first started up the grill with a big, high, and hot flame, but in all honesty, so did I.japanese food

Even though it did not go as planned with our bowling adventure, it was a really fun day, notwithstanding driving home in a monsoon! It also made me love my brother SO much becuase he chose to spend the day with us, chaos and all.

*These pictures are crummy becuase they are monstly action photos taken with my camera phone. I had my digital camera in my purse, but with all the adolescent craziness around, I did not want to pull it bother with it.


8 thoughts on “No Baby & No Bowling

    • It is funny because the anticipation for baby #2 is greater than it was with baby #1, which I find odd. You would think with all I know I am getting myself into, I would want baby Wesley to hold off, but I am content with him arriving whenever. With Daniel, I prayed for him to hold off until his due date, or later, which he kindly did.

  1. Daniel looks like he is having so much fun with Damien on that driving game! What a great Uncle to spend time with two of you on his day off!

    • They had a blast, and Daniel actually screamed with joy as Damien drove the car….and wrecked it.

      He is a wonderful uncle. I also know a super aunt that drives up to see her niece and nephew on her day off ;o)

  2. Adventures are never planned! The unexpected creates adventure! Hooray for the adventure in your outing!

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