All Set!

The clothes are all tucked away, and Thomas has completed hanging things in Wesley’s room! I LOVE the way the items above his crib look. They turned out just as great as I had hoped, thanks to my husband’s phenomenal photography skills and a TJMaxx clearance on frames.DSC_0261



We are using the same bedding that we had with Daniel, as well as the same crib (if you look in the picture,  you see the teething marks on the railing). There are, however,  some cute extra additions that never made an appearance in Daniel’s nursery, mainly because we were renting then and it was harder to make the space truly ours. I think the stuffed animals are perfect additions to the decor (they are all, except for the monkey, Daniel’s animals, but he does not seem to care that they are now in Wesley’s room).

poll results..

And if all that was not good enough for being prepared, we decided on the middle name spelling.  The poll results, as of  Sunday when I took the screenshot, showed 62% for the S, not to mention the polling my mom did of her co-workers on a piece of copy paper, which were all but two for an S. And, in case you were wondering, this is what I wanted. Really though, we came to an agreement on the matter, for we feel the S best reflects the purpose behind the chosen name: ReeSe from TereSa.

Now we wait!


7 thoughts on “All Set!

  1. The room looks nice. I hope you are doing great as the days to D-day are ticking away. I will probably be away when the baby comes–I’ll catch up when I get home.

  2. It’s so sweet! I love nurserys! Brady’s room is my favorite in the whole house! Love the idea of the the frames over the crib!!

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