The Home Stretch

As Daniel is  napping, I sit and type on my laptop. I am discovering, however, that the lap part of a laptop is becoming harder to implement, for my growing baby is beginning to take the lap space I have left! All that said, I still feel good, just sometimes annoyed by strangers. I am not sure why they feel the need to guess my baby’s gender and act like they are very smart when they get it right. I mean, they had a 50/50 shot, so there was not too much predicting going on there.

Yesterday I washed all 0-3 month clothes, and I have a few to fold and all left to tuck away. Once I get all the clothing in place, I’ll be satisfied, for this was one of the final pieces remaining in our room prep. Thomas will need to hang a few decorative items, but those are essentially inconsequential.

I’ve been attempting to be very purposeful with Daniel, participating in activities that will have to be put on hold once Wesley arrives. We’ve been going to the park every chance we can get, and Daniel couldn’t be happier.  Having an opportunity to “play” makes his little heart happy.

The hubby has been doing double duty as we prepare for Wesley. Thomas works all day, only to come home to more tasks. In the past month he’s painted 2 rooms, assembled a crib, hung curtains, put together a new sit-n-stand stroller, organized the garage, among other things. He is my hard-working man, and I am very grateful for his effort on tasks I can’t do–whether it be because of my physical limitations at this point or simply because I am ill-equipped for such skilled tasks. I love you Thomas!

Stocking our freezer has also been on my list. Fortunately, we have a stand alone freezer in our garage, so I can stockpile even more effectively.  We traded our friends, Jeff and Rachel, a futon for a freezer they were not wanting. We got the best end of the deal, for we needed to get the futon out so we could set up the crib, and we had been looking for a used freezer to buy, so it was perfect for us. They even brought the freezer to our house and hauled away the futon too, thus requiring little work on our part. Thanks Henrys for being so kind!! As of now, it is mainly loaded with Bertolli frozen meals. I bought one on sale a while back, and when Thomas and I got around to eating it, we discovered it was tasty, as well as one of the easiest meals in all of existance to make. I realized these would be perfect for once the baby arrived. This weekend, Target ran a sale of these for $6 a piece, and if you bought 3, you got a $5 gift card. Being a coupon person, I had several for $1.50 off one (you can find the coupon through the Bertolli link above, as well as other places on the web). I found some on clearance for $5.03 each, thus making my purchase of 3 about 15 bucks, minus $4.50 in coupons=$10.50, minus the extra $5 off via a gift card=$5.50 for 3 meals= 1.83 a meal for 2 adults=less than a dollar per person (plus a toddler that may/may not eat the specific meal that night)! I love getting good deals, a lesson taught to me early by my mother, and when it is this pragmatic, I am more excited. Thomas laughs and says for someone who hates math, not to mention someone who is bad at it,  I sure do take joy in figuring out such scenarios. You should go and get some too, for they are soooo easy to make, plus very appetizing. (There is a coupon limit, which I reached on my computer, but being that we have 2 in our house, I used Thomas’s to print more, thus allowing me to complete the deal twice; I now have 6 in the freezer.)

A final thing we’ve been doing during the closing weeks is watching movies. We rarely go to movie theater, but with the blockbuster movie season being in full swing, a few were out that we had to see, for they would be best in theater action. We’ve seen Wolverine and Star Trek, both of which I recommend. Thomas is waiting to view Terminator, which comes out later this month, so we’ll see if I am in attendance for that one :).

Thursday I return to the doctor, at which point she’ll check to see how labor is aligning.  I know I’m truly in the final days of being pregnant, and we’re waiting until he decides to appear,which is such an amazing phase of pregnancy. It is so magical to know that each day that comes could be Wesley’s bithday……or it couldn’t. Regardless, when God has him fully ready, Wesley will join us, and we will be an official family of 4! Until then, please keep our family in your prayers as we live daily in the home strech.


5 thoughts on “The Home Stretch

  1. That is sweet Summer! I hope to have a family of four someday myself! Will definetly be keeping you all in my prayers! My offer still stands… call me anytime! Love ya!

  2. We are so excited for your family of 4. Those Bertolli meals are amazing! Richard and I eat alot of those. Let us know when Baby Wesley arrives.

    • Alison, glad someone else likes those things! I think I should add the meals help with portion control too, for they are meant for 2 people, so there is just enough (especially if you swipe some for a toddler to eat too).

  3. You just found Bertolli? They are just enough for one old lady and two ravenous Jack Russell mixes!! I gave up cooking years ago and just cruise the frozen foods aisle now. My 4-legged boys don’t think it’s dinnertime unless they hear the microwave ding.
    I’m so glad I called you last night – it was good to hear your voice. Janet agrees we need to take a drive down to see you. It seems like just yesterday we drove to Cookville and took you out to lunch – you were pregnant then too!
    Take care of yourself and Thomas and Daniel.

  4. Oh, forgot to add this – look in the tea aisle for the concentrated Arizona iced tea. You just dump a can in a pitcher and add water. Instantly you have a full pitcher of sweet tea without the work!

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