From My Phone

Thomas bought a memory card for my cell phone a couple of months back. I had been wanting one but I thought they were much too expensive. Lo and behold, you wait about 8 months and the things drop in price about 80%. So, when he found them on sale for about $8 dollars, he came home and surprised me with one! Evidently, just because you put it in your phone does not mean pre-existing pictures are automatically uploaded, hence, when I tried to view all of my pictures today, there were only about 7 that had been taken since the card’s insertion. Even though I did not get all of my photos, I will share with you a few that did get saved.

cell phone dan parkAbove is Daniel at the park this morning. It was fun, albeit a bit chilly. With the wind and little sun, there were few folks out, so Daniel was able to play uninhibited, which was great for me! A few kiddos came and gave him some playmates, but it was still far from crowded.

Recently, while we were in the grocery store, Daniel screamed “LOOK! A CLUE; A CLUE!!” I was looking all around for something that had Blue (the dog from Blue’s Clues) on it, all to no avail. After following his finger pointing a little more accurately, I discovered his “clue.” A dog frisbee with a paw print on it:a clueI found it interesting he noticed this to such detail, for it is right near the floor of the store, as you can see from the photo. Also, we do not have cable, so he does not watch the cartoon. We do have a few books that I bought him at a consignment sale, so I guess he is just absorbing those stories. Kids truly are sponges.

Finally, a dear friend, Kelley, offered to watch Daniel while I went to one of my OB appointments. While waiting to be seen by my doctor, I got a cute text along with a picture of her son, Carver, and Daniel playing.


Carver is such a cutie, and I wish he was looking at the camera/phone is this pic. Daniel thinks Carver is simply a hoot. Just this past Sunday, Daniel did not want to get dressed for church. He kept telling us “No!” each time we asked him to come close so we could get him ready. Usually he is excited about going to church, but he was in no mood Sunday. Finally, I asked him, “Daniel, do you want to go see Carver?” to which Daniel replied, “Carber? OH YES! I see Carber.”  Next, our son got ready with ease. Then, the whole way to church he asked where Carver was. Fortunately, we have a very short drive.

I guess now, since Daniel is napping, I should get to work saving each of my photos to the memory card, not just my phone. I also have some videos too, and I will need to figure out how to get them saved as well. Maybe some other photos will be soon to come, many of which are from Daniel’s wee days, thus making them especially cute. Tedious things like that annoy me however, so I doubt I will hurry and get this accompolished.


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