Help Settle Our Debate!

Thomas and I have differing opinions on how we should spell our coming little one’s middle name.  One of us wants a to spell Wesley’s middle name ReeSe while the other wants to spell it ReeCe, and I won’t say which one of us wants what, for it might sway your opinion. Neither of us have known a Reese/Reece personally; all we know is the actress, Reese Witherspoon, so we do not have anyone to base our spelling decision off of. Anyway, you should see a poll at the top right hand side of our blog page, and I would love for you to make a vote to help us decide (I hope it works; I’ve never created one before!). If you’ve got any justifications or other such comments, like you know/knew someone with this name and he/she spells it a certain way, feel free to leave them in this post.

Have a great day!


11 thoughts on “Help Settle Our Debate!

  1. Summer I think you are trying to skew the vote. Posting this on mothers day and reminding us “Summer’s Mother’s name–Teresa”
    I think you should have capitalized the “S” in Teresa, that would have sealed the deal.
    Then again I would have voted for “ReeSe” anyway, I like it better.
    On a side note Amanda is now in Bethel, I am all alone :-(

    • ;o) You are so wise, Eric. I think it is obvious what way I vote anyway.

      Stay strong friend. Amanda will be back in TN before you know it!

  2. The “s” is in your mom’s name, so it is in keeping with honoring her (plus, Wes will be able to say they named the peanut butter cups after him;)

  3. I like ReeSe if you are, in fact, naming him after your mother in some way. However, to the peanut butter cup theory, its pronounced ReesE, so I could see where ReeCe might be less confusing.

  4. Summer, I asked around work and it is unanomous for Reese with a “S”. Some of the reasons included that you are naming the baby after your mother who spells it with a S, also everyone sees it as a more manly spelling. In addition, Reece with a “C” is like the candy. =)

  5. I agree with the others. I voted for ReeSe because your mom’s name is spelled with an S. I love the name, btw! :)

  6. Sum I always thought the male way of spelling it was with a ‘c’ and girls with a ‘s’. Well, at least anyone I knew spelled it like that.

    • Courtney, that is Thomas’s argument. When we’ve looked on-line at origins and such, it indicates that the S is unisex but the C is male. He claims that it must be the C since Wesley is, of course, a boy. And if he is not a boy, we’ve got a whole lot of other problems on our hands rather than choosing between an S or a C, for we are totally not prepared for a girl ;o)

  7. I think it should be Reese because Teresa has a S and not a C. I guess you could spell it Reesce! What’s that?

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