Showers and Sprinkles

Lately, we’ve been getting TONS of rain; April showers have manifested in May. The rain is mainly annoyinggrass because activities Daniel can do are more limited, not to mention hauls from the car into the grocery store and such are messy! To be positive, the rain is helping Thomas’s efforts to fill in the gaps of grass on our lawn, for the seeds he spread are yielding fine, green sprouts (the image contains some sort of seed, not gravel, despite what the picture shows). I also can’t help but think of my college roommate, Sarah. Her daddy is a farmer, and I remember praying with her many times that he would get the rain he needed for his corn crop. I bet he is happy with recent results…..yet for all I know he is getting washed out; I’m not much of a farmer. So, there you go- showers.

As for sprinkles, I have heard this term given to giftings that occur for a second baby. You don’t need big, more expensive items, which call for showers, you just need a sprinkle of odds and ends. Well, some of my college gal pals from The Wesley Foundation (our baby Wesley’s namesake) threw us a little sprinkle. After seeing all the precious items, however, I think it was more of a shower! We were blessed with diapers, wipes, cute baby clothes, some clean/ healthy baby essentials, among other items. I  feel blown away by their love! Yummy brunch food was served, great conversation was had, and I got to wear the cutest baby sock corsage. Simply adorable.sock-flowers

And in a combo of showers and sprinkles: I have seen a cool toy in a parenting magazine, but I have not found it at my typical shopping place: Target. At the shower, our friends blessed us with a gift card to Wal-Mart, and I had an item tosoother return, so a trip was in order. Rain falling, Daniel and I head into the store. Just in front of us enters a guy with a buggy full of diapers, which made me have to wait to be okayed by the worker. I then follow diaper guy to the return desk to wait behind him again while he returns his 14 packages. Slightly frustrated that he had so much and I so little, I waited. Turns out, Wal-Mart claimed 2 pkgs did not come from them. Next, he turned around and gave them to me, stating I could obviously put them to good use soon. So, I was randomly gifted a 76 pkg of Luvs and an 86 pkg of Pampers! And, yes, I then felt guilty for not wanting to wait behind him; my place behind him was obviously meant to be, for if I was in front, I would have been gone when he realized they could not be returned. Awesome toy purchased and on my way out, the rain is still falling. After putting Daniel in the car and returning my buggy, a bright yellow truck zooms through the parking lot, spraying water into the air, which just missed drenching me. Time passes as I secure my boy into his car seat, and I suddenly hear “Mam.” Turning, I see two young, teenage boys. One then begins: “I did not mean to splash you. I am really sorry.” I was surprised because I was not expecting an apology, especially from a teenager. I told him he missed me and that I was very grateful for his apology. I’m just glad I missed that shower!


2 thoughts on “Showers and Sprinkles

    • Jessica:
      Glad to know you have the item and like it! I have just seen it and thought it looked great, yet I was not aware of any mommies that had one. I’m happy to know it is a good purchase.

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