6 Years!

wedding kissAs of today, Thomas and I have been married for 6 years! We can’t belive it has already been that long, and we are really excited to know we will one day celebrate 25 years……50 years……still saying the same words.

With Wesley’s arrival pending, we knew that this year would not entail anything too big in the way of celebration (like we did last year), for we really had no idea if he would be here in our arms on the 31st, making his way here, or still in the womb, as he is now.

We did celebrate, however. We began by playing hookie from church. My mother watched Daniel for us, and we went to a nearby town that we never visit, so it really did fell like we were on vacation. Everything was unfamiliar, complete with many new/different restaurants, shops, and such. First we visited a store and just relaxed and browsed the aisles, despite being asked about 100 times if we “needed help finding anything.”  Then, we beat the church lunch rush and enjoyed a nice meal. Thomas was asked by the hostess upon being seated, “Is the baby yours?” I had already journeyed to the restroom, so I missed this part. Before our meals arrived, we exchanged anniversary cards. Both of us chose funny ones this year, so we were each laughing in turn as we came to the humorous parts. Another great form of entertainment was our whispering waiter. Thomas had an extremely hard time hearing anything he asked or said, and we used him as fodder for a mock SNL skit that we played out in our minds. At least he was a good server. Next, we saw a movie, and we really enjoyed the spacious theater with stadium seats and very few movie-goers. The sound at the theater was superb, and we could feel our seats vibrate during some of the extremely intense scenes. Finally, we each got ourselves a treat before heading home. Thomas chose some Oreo ice cream and I got a Starbucks drink. Yummy!

All throughout the day we have been looking at the time, trying to remember what portion of the day was unfolding excatly 6 years ago. It is fun to remember the emotions of our wedding day, being so full of joy and the wonderful anticipation of embarking on our life together in matrimony. Oddly enough, those same feelings are present today, just slightly altered: joyful of our years of marriage already unveiled and wonderfully anticipating our second child! I wonder what the next 6 years have in store!


My Boys

my boys

Those two guys melt my heart! I can’t wait until I can add one more male face into the mix in the form of Wesley! What a blessed woman I am.

On a side note, we got some stickers randomly in the mail yesterday.  I just hope Daniel does not decide to put stickers on Wesley like he does to himself:sticker boy

may silly 016

No Baby & No Bowling

To start with: I have not had the baby :o). I have had a few folks check-in on me recently, so I thought I would just kick off this post with that fact. I do go to the doctor again tomorrow, however, so maybe there will be some news to share then.

Being I am only a momma to one kid outside the womb, I am still attempting to do things with Daniel that might be fun for the two of us, not to mention much easier to coordinate with just one child. Today, we planned to bowl for free at a local bowling alley thanks to Kids Bowl for Free. Daniel can bowl 2 games every day this summer, at no cost to us! I did purchase a “family pass” for about $20 that would allow for 4 other folks to bowl 2 games along with him each time, but that is a pretty minimal expense. To make the day extra special, my brother Damien planned to go with us. Since his company did not have a job for him to work on this week (he is a stinkin’ awesome mechanical engineer that fixes printing presses all around the world), he gets to stay at home and get paid, and being that he is typically traveling, it is always nice to have him home. And believe it or not, a single man with no pressing work agenda opted to hang out with his super preggo sis and his super cute nephew—and I didn’t even have to beg and plead  ;o).

Upon pulling up to the bowling alley, there were about only 5 vehicles there= excellent………and about 4 school buses= NOT excellent. We went in anyway, not sure exactly what the students that came on those buses might be doing. Upon entering, we immediately saw the melee at the shoe counter from extremely hyper middle school students. I quickly said, “Daniel has no idea what bowling is, so he is not going to miss it if we don’t do it.” When then decided to just head to the enormous arcade instead.

fun with damien 002

This, too, was a crowded space, but we decided to let Daniel check things out anyway. Damien was going to get tokens, but there were way too many pre-teens in line trying to do the same. I said to forget it because Daniel would be just as happy pretending to play the games rather than truly playing them, which is a beautiful stage of childhood I might add. Soon enough, he will realize  if you spend money, the games do a lot more, and he will insist for spare change! He and Damien began going from game to game pushing flashing buttons and pretending to drive the cars, laughing each step of the way. I toddled behind, absorbing the fun, glad that Damien was the one being dragged in and out of each seat rather than me. While walking, I found a few dollars that some kid dropped on the floor, and amidst the chaos, I knew there would be no way of finding to which middle schooler it belonged, so I just decided to keep it and use it to actually get Daniel some tokens once the line dwindled. We then began to run around the arcade trying to convince Daniel to focus long enough to fun with damien 004realize games did more than have flashing buttons that did nothing when pushed. A game of basketball, some target practice, a min-bowling game, some skee-ball, and a drive in a car later, we decided to call it quits, much to Daniel’s dismay. I kept all his tickets for another trip because there were so many others stampeding the ticket redemption booth that I did not want to bother, especially since he had no idea what the tickets meant. Since we have a pass for the entire summer, we will be back—when school buses are NOT there—and we can redeem them then.

Afterward, Damien suggested we visit a Japanese restaurant. It was a reasonably priced hibachi restaurant that was not too busy for lunch. We all enjoyed watching the chef cook up our meal, and it was neat, even though he did not do as many tricks as other places I have visited. Daniel behaved very well, having fun smelling the air when smoke emitted from the grill. He did get a little startled when the chef first started up the grill with a big, high, and hot flame, but in all honesty, so did I.japanese food

Even though it did not go as planned with our bowling adventure, it was a really fun day, notwithstanding driving home in a monsoon! It also made me love my brother SO much becuase he chose to spend the day with us, chaos and all.

*These pictures are crummy becuase they are monstly action photos taken with my camera phone. I had my digital camera in my purse, but with all the adolescent craziness around, I did not want to pull it bother with it.

Tornado Pics

I wrote about a month ago about the tornado that came through our area, specifically hitting my sister-in-law’s neighborhood.  On her blog, she has put up some pictures of the destruction, which completely reinforce the fact she and her family are very fortunate to have emerged safe and sound. Having already seen the pictures the night they came to stay with us, I was still amazed by the devastation they could view from just their front lawn! If you are interested, click on the link above to view the photos for yourself.

All Set!

The clothes are all tucked away, and Thomas has completed hanging things in Wesley’s room! I LOVE the way the items above his crib look. They turned out just as great as I had hoped, thanks to my husband’s phenomenal photography skills and a TJMaxx clearance on frames.DSC_0261



We are using the same bedding that we had with Daniel, as well as the same crib (if you look in the picture,  you see the teething marks on the railing). There are, however,  some cute extra additions that never made an appearance in Daniel’s nursery, mainly because we were renting then and it was harder to make the space truly ours. I think the stuffed animals are perfect additions to the decor (they are all, except for the monkey, Daniel’s animals, but he does not seem to care that they are now in Wesley’s room).

poll results..

And if all that was not good enough for being prepared, we decided on the middle name spelling.  The poll results, as of  Sunday when I took the screenshot, showed 62% for the S, not to mention the polling my mom did of her co-workers on a piece of copy paper, which were all but two for an S. And, in case you were wondering, this is what I wanted. Really though, we came to an agreement on the matter, for we feel the S best reflects the purpose behind the chosen name: ReeSe from TereSa.

Now we wait!

The Home Stretch

As Daniel is  napping, I sit and type on my laptop. I am discovering, however, that the lap part of a laptop is becoming harder to implement, for my growing baby is beginning to take the lap space I have left! All that said, I still feel good, just sometimes annoyed by strangers. I am not sure why they feel the need to guess my baby’s gender and act like they are very smart when they get it right. I mean, they had a 50/50 shot, so there was not too much predicting going on there.

Yesterday I washed all 0-3 month clothes, and I have a few to fold and all left to tuck away. Once I get all the clothing in place, I’ll be satisfied, for this was one of the final pieces remaining in our room prep. Thomas will need to hang a few decorative items, but those are essentially inconsequential.

I’ve been attempting to be very purposeful with Daniel, participating in activities that will have to be put on hold once Wesley arrives. We’ve been going to the park every chance we can get, and Daniel couldn’t be happier.  Having an opportunity to “play” makes his little heart happy.

The hubby has been doing double duty as we prepare for Wesley. Thomas works all day, only to come home to more tasks. In the past month he’s painted 2 rooms, assembled a crib, hung curtains, put together a new sit-n-stand stroller, organized the garage, among other things. He is my hard-working man, and I am very grateful for his effort on tasks I can’t do–whether it be because of my physical limitations at this point or simply because I am ill-equipped for such skilled tasks. I love you Thomas!

Stocking our freezer has also been on my list. Fortunately, we have a stand alone freezer in our garage, so I can stockpile even more effectively.  We traded our friends, Jeff and Rachel, a futon for a freezer they were not wanting. We got the best end of the deal, for we needed to get the futon out so we could set up the crib, and we had been looking for a used freezer to buy, so it was perfect for us. They even brought the freezer to our house and hauled away the futon too, thus requiring little work on our part. Thanks Henrys for being so kind!! As of now, it is mainly loaded with Bertolli frozen meals. I bought one on sale a while back, and when Thomas and I got around to eating it, we discovered it was tasty, as well as one of the easiest meals in all of existance to make. I realized these would be perfect for once the baby arrived. This weekend, Target ran a sale of these for $6 a piece, and if you bought 3, you got a $5 gift card. Being a coupon person, I had several for $1.50 off one (you can find the coupon through the Bertolli link above, as well as other places on the web). I found some on clearance for $5.03 each, thus making my purchase of 3 about 15 bucks, minus $4.50 in coupons=$10.50, minus the extra $5 off via a gift card=$5.50 for 3 meals= 1.83 a meal for 2 adults=less than a dollar per person (plus a toddler that may/may not eat the specific meal that night)! I love getting good deals, a lesson taught to me early by my mother, and when it is this pragmatic, I am more excited. Thomas laughs and says for someone who hates math, not to mention someone who is bad at it,  I sure do take joy in figuring out such scenarios. You should go and get some too, for they are soooo easy to make, plus very appetizing. (There is a coupon limit, which I reached on my computer, but being that we have 2 in our house, I used Thomas’s to print more, thus allowing me to complete the deal twice; I now have 6 in the freezer.)

A final thing we’ve been doing during the closing weeks is watching movies. We rarely go to movie theater, but with the blockbuster movie season being in full swing, a few were out that we had to see, for they would be best in theater action. We’ve seen Wolverine and Star Trek, both of which I recommend. Thomas is waiting to view Terminator, which comes out later this month, so we’ll see if I am in attendance for that one :).

Thursday I return to the doctor, at which point she’ll check to see how labor is aligning.  I know I’m truly in the final days of being pregnant, and we’re waiting until he decides to appear,which is such an amazing phase of pregnancy. It is so magical to know that each day that comes could be Wesley’s bithday……or it couldn’t. Regardless, when God has him fully ready, Wesley will join us, and we will be an official family of 4! Until then, please keep our family in your prayers as we live daily in the home strech.

From My Phone

Thomas bought a memory card for my cell phone a couple of months back. I had been wanting one but I thought they were much too expensive. Lo and behold, you wait about 8 months and the things drop in price about 80%. So, when he found them on sale for about $8 dollars, he came home and surprised me with one! Evidently, just because you put it in your phone does not mean pre-existing pictures are automatically uploaded, hence, when I tried to view all of my pictures today, there were only about 7 that had been taken since the card’s insertion. Even though I did not get all of my photos, I will share with you a few that did get saved.

cell phone dan parkAbove is Daniel at the park this morning. It was fun, albeit a bit chilly. With the wind and little sun, there were few folks out, so Daniel was able to play uninhibited, which was great for me! A few kiddos came and gave him some playmates, but it was still far from crowded.

Recently, while we were in the grocery store, Daniel screamed “LOOK! A CLUE; A CLUE!!” I was looking all around for something that had Blue (the dog from Blue’s Clues) on it, all to no avail. After following his finger pointing a little more accurately, I discovered his “clue.” A dog frisbee with a paw print on it:a clueI found it interesting he noticed this to such detail, for it is right near the floor of the store, as you can see from the photo. Also, we do not have cable, so he does not watch the cartoon. We do have a few books that I bought him at a consignment sale, so I guess he is just absorbing those stories. Kids truly are sponges.

Finally, a dear friend, Kelley, offered to watch Daniel while I went to one of my OB appointments. While waiting to be seen by my doctor, I got a cute text along with a picture of her son, Carver, and Daniel playing.


Carver is such a cutie, and I wish he was looking at the camera/phone is this pic. Daniel thinks Carver is simply a hoot. Just this past Sunday, Daniel did not want to get dressed for church. He kept telling us “No!” each time we asked him to come close so we could get him ready. Usually he is excited about going to church, but he was in no mood Sunday. Finally, I asked him, “Daniel, do you want to go see Carver?” to which Daniel replied, “Carber? OH YES! I see Carber.”  Next, our son got ready with ease. Then, the whole way to church he asked where Carver was. Fortunately, we have a very short drive.

I guess now, since Daniel is napping, I should get to work saving each of my photos to the memory card, not just my phone. I also have some videos too, and I will need to figure out how to get them saved as well. Maybe some other photos will be soon to come, many of which are from Daniel’s wee days, thus making them especially cute. Tedious things like that annoy me however, so I doubt I will hurry and get this accompolished.