Sometimes I’m Wrong…Sometimes

Ever since we were dating, Thomas and I agreed that he was funny 9 out of 10 times, while I was right 9 out of 10 times. Corny, but typically true. Recently, however, I have found myself to be wrong.

Example 1: While making a Lowe’s run to grab painting essentials for Wesley’s room. I remembered we needed to buy a little plastic tray to put under my potted plant in order to avoid leaks onto the carpet. Thomas picked out one that was huge in diameter. I insisted it was way too big, so I went back and exchanged it for a smaller one. He proceeded to tell me mine was too small, but I assured him it was the size we needed. I then told him, “When we get home, if it does not work, you can say ‘I told you so.’” Then we bought. Once home, it was too small. I, in complete honesty, was thinking of another plant basket that is currently not in use, so I began to tell him I had the wrong basket in mind when making the purchase. That did not save me much face, for the plastic tray was too small for the second basket as well! My good, sweet husband just laughed.

Example 2: Many folks have been asking if Daniel understands the coming little brother. I would honestly say I do not think he has made the link, for when asked where Wesley is, he will point first at my belly…..and then at his……and then at Thomas’s…..and then at his stuffed animal’s. Well, we were eating dinner out the other night and Daniel was being silly. He was saying “Where’s Daddy???” and we would all look around for Daddy until Daniel chimed in with a pointed finger and an ecstatic, “Oh, dere he is!!!” This continued with Mommy, then Daniel, and ultimately ending in “Where’s Wesley???” Daniel immediately pointed to my stomach, and there was no more pointing after that. He then hugged my belly and rested his head on my tummy. As I was lavishing in the sweet, precious mommy moment, Daniel very quickly grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it up to my chin and screamed, “Dere’s Wesley!!!” We all laughed so hard, and I was really glad we were in a casual place with no one near us that could see my preggo belly! So, I think he has finally made the link, but there is still no doubt that his little toddler world will be rocked when Wesley officially arrives


Example 3: I was very fortunate to meet up with an old friend, Dana, along with her son Owen, while they made a visit to TN. She asked if Daniel knew he was going to be getting a little brother soon. I then began to relay the story above, at which Daniel heard the name Wesley and began to point to my belly again, ultimately confirming that he was connecting the dots and proving mommy wrong again. But this day, I was wrong more than once, for while we were eating lunch at the mall food court, Daniel eyed the carousel the entire time we ate lunch. I told Dana that he only imagines it looks fun and thinks he wants to ride it, but as soon as I pay and put him on it, he would scream and cry (he did that very thing last summer at the fair, and when I put the penny into the horse at Kroger’s for him to ride, he cries immediately to get off.). After we said goodbye to our friend, Daniel kept saying “Momma…peeeeaaassss! Horse!” I told him that if he agreed to go to the potty first, we would ride it. Successful potty trip later, I paid the money to get him on the ride. This is the result:

Needless to say, I was wrong, yet again. Sometimes though it is not too bad to be wrong :o).

Looks like I have a long streak of being right coming my way!


5 thoughts on “Sometimes I’m Wrong…Sometimes

  1. Yes, your being wrong streak will get very long when your kids are teens–in their eyes, at least. Then, when they become nice adults (and they will!), you will suddenly become a very smart and right person. So much fun ahead of you!

  2. Oh, it’s so hard when the hubby’s right! I, too, am most often ‘right’ on the detailed things of our home, so I know that burn when there’s no escaping the permitted “I told you so” moment! Good to see your sense of humor with it, though! And yay for the last two points…awesome that Daniel’s getting the whole WR thing, so exciting. And yay for carousels–who wouldn’t want to be wrong about that?!!! (Hope you and Dana had a blast!)

  3. It was GREAT to see you, Summer! I’m glad we could catch up. Hopefully it won’t be that long before we can do it again! I’m glad to read that Daniel enjoyed the carrousel too. It’s okay to be wrong about stuff like that!

  4. Blame it on hormones!! You were always right about your NE students, so it has to be the hormones!
    And yes, Thomas is a great husband…he just has to learn the line Janet’s husband uses when she comes home from shopping, “How much did you save me?” rather than “How much did you spend?”
    Daniel is growing up and facing some of his fears (the horse). You will have a little daredevil on your hands in a few months – brace yourself!!

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