Like Father, Like Son

I went to a consignment sale the other day with my cousin, Leitte. While there, I saw a little pair of shoes in Daniel’s size, and I simply couldn’t resist spending the $8 for them. The main reason I had to have them for Daniel: they are mini replicas to his Daddy’s shoe. I know Daniel will only temporarily  wear the size, but with baby #2 being a boy as well, we will certainly get good use from them. As for Daddy, this is approximately his 3rd pair of these exact New Balances, so I know that he will continue to wear them for a while as well, even if it is not the specifically pictured pair. If you have ever tried to buy these NB 992, you know they are expensive, running about $120 retail.  I, however, am not going to pay that much for them, so I  keep my eyes on the look out for a good deal. One day I was in a second-hand discount shoe store and I found Thomas’s current pair, in perfect condition, on sale for 11 bucks. That’s right, only a ten and a one dollar bill. I am sure your thoughts are just like mine were: What the heck is wrong with them? Turns out one was a size 11 while the other was a size 11 1/2. Upon consulting the hubby, he informed me that the slight size difference was minimal, and he would never notice the variation, which has turned out to be true. So, all in all, there is less than 20 bucks invested in the shoes below, but, as corny as it sounds, it truly is priceless to see these matching shoes for the two most important men in my life. It is beyond cute! Perhaps now I will need to keep my eyes open for a 3rd very tiny pair for when baby Wesley offically enters my world!

n-shoes2And kudos to Thomas’s sweet camera, for I just sat these shoes in the floor, admist the evening sunlight, and snapped a shot. I think his camera could even make poop look pretty.


7 thoughts on “Like Father, Like Son

  1. Super cute pic, and story. But please don’t photograph any poop…just believe in the power of the camera! Some things are better left a mystery! I love the deal-finding, ya know! I actually got Josiah 2 pair of shoes this week for $5! They claim to be the same size, but you know how all brands fit differently, so he’ll actually need to do some growing for these and I’m still looking for some Spring/Summer shoes. Oh, and thanks for the shoe tip for my own personal hunt…there are a pair of Chacos I’ve seen and liked, but haven’t found ’em under $100–and you know that ain’t gonna happen! So the shoe-shopping continues *sigh* So stinkin’ adorable that you found those matching man/boy shoes, that made my heart happy and sappy tonight!

  2. The photo is contest worthy! I love it. How do I do a link for your blog? I’ve posted a few things….

    • Rebecca:
      If you are signed in your WordPress blog already (where you could post things yourself) when you comment on my blog, it should automatically make your name a link to your WP blog. Again, I am new at this server too, so I could be wrong.

      On another note: No plans to take a pic of poop; have no fear ;O). I think Kelley has the same camera, which is one part of why all her crafty items look so great. The second part is that they are great!

    • Ohhh. SO cute!
      I will need to tell my sis-in-law (who works at a baby consignment store) to be looking for some as well. She always finds good deals, and then she gets to add her own discount!

  3. Hi Summer.

    I apologize for not getting back to you on our pros/cons of the blogosphere, but you obviously made your choice and IT LOOKS GREAT. We have no issues with Blogspot-it served us well through the college years. We just found WordPress to be more aesthetically pleasing and versatile. Loading pictures is a hassle, but I think you’ll be pleased with it.

    peace, love and jerked chicken~ Jesse

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