A Little Time Away

Our family took a journey to Memphis to enjoy a little time away from our normal routines, as well as to spend some time visiting with friends, one of which was kind enough to house us for two nights. Daniel was extremely cooperative with the majority of the trip, and we were very pleased with how well he slept on his little pallet in our room, even napping as he needed. The big event of the trip was visiting the Memphis zoo, which was only a few blocks from where our friends, Eric and Amanda, lived. We were blessed with simply wonderful weather, which made for some happy animals, not to mention a busy zoo. Thomas took some great pictures of the animals, and we are thinking that it might be neat to use these, as well as some other pictures from a visit to another zoo, to decorate Wesley’s room.

Highlights from our zoo time:

  • Daniel’s experience with the polar bears, who were wonderfully active for their audience. Two of the enormous bears were play fighting in the water, right next to the viewing glass. They made Daniel laugh with glee, all the while proclaiming, “Dat bear’s a fish!” Guess it was his own way of saying they were swimming. Very cute, indeed.
  • The little girl at the playground that came up to me, boldly asking “What’s wrong with your tummy??!!!?” I didn’t understand her the first time, so she had to repeat herself. I held back a chuckle and told her kindly that nothing was wrong, I was just going to have a baby. Ahhh, kids.
  • As exiting the zoo after several hours of enjoyment, Daniel cried big tears as I carried him out the exit. He reached over my shoulders and back towards the gates screaming “Dat way! Animals! Dat way!!” Slightly cute, as well as a little embarrassing. The poor guy was ready for his nap but not ready to leave, that’s for sure.

We also took time to view a few other sites while there, such as The Loraine Motel, where MLK Jr. was killed. It was a little odd how the chaos of the city seemed to be absorbed when near the balcony. Things were very quiet at that spot. Throw in a few trolley rides, a few meals out, a few meals in, and lots of laughs with friends, you’ve got the basic gist of our journey. Oh…..and a puke in the carseat from Daniel when we were about 15 mils from home……now you have the idea of our trip!


9 thoughts on “A Little Time Away

  1. My preschool and kindergarten kids keep asking every week if the baby’s ready to come out yet. They seem terribly confused as to why I won’t let the baby come out already. One of my 1st graders told me that he kicks because I won’t let him out yet!

  2. This move is a good idea. I’ve often wanted to leave a comment for you since your blog is how I keep up with you since you left NE a couple of years ago. Hope to see you before Wesley arrives.
    I haven’t been to the Memphis Zoo since ’78 (gasp!). Is the cement hippo still there? I have an embarassing picture of my sister with it.

  3. Love the new blog – the pic for your heading is so cute!! Did you get to see Graceland while you were in Memphis? I went a year or two ago, and it was pretty interesting…I was surprised!

    • Summer: I did see your old optometry school! Amanda (and Eric too for that matter, just in a different apartment) lives only a few blocks from it in a nice little gated apartment complex. As for the pics, Thomas took those. He does a great job when he actually gets the time to take photos!

  4. i thought u guys still had a baby…where did this little guy come from? he aint no baby no more! and u have another one on the way? i have definitely been away too long. i miss u guys and i love the blog! also, summer, i have those same type of sandals with the toe thong. except mine are for guys. i think. nothing says guy shoes like toe thongs!

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