Simple Gifts

I love to give gifts. I think part of that love might be shopping for the gifts to give and hoping for a deal, but, in the end, I think it is fun to buy, wrap, write a card, etc. and give it to someone else. So, when I checked my GoggleReader over the weekend and discovered Jessica (a fellow deal searcher and gift-giver) had found a deal to get a FREE Thomas toy from Toys.-r-Us, I knew that my little boy would love this gift, and boy was it at a deal! The hubby and I had plans to go and get him one during a little date we were enjoying without Daniel, but it turned out that everyone else had the same idea and none were left. It made me so sad. I had not told Daniel he was getting one, and even if I had, he would not have remembered that I was suppose to come home with one. I could have just bought him one and I would have had something to give, but it was the whole free part that was really important. I mean, if you have checked the prices, these particular ones cost between $11-13 dollars, so free is very good! On Sunday, after church, I put Daniel down for a nap and then headed to grade papers, for if I do not leave the house sometimes I will just occupy myself with laundry, dishes, the computer,  my husband, or my son, ultimately getting little to no grading done. As I left, I realized that I could easily get to another store, so I called to make sure they still had some trains left. Turns out, they did, but only 6 and all of Thomas. I was fortuantely able to get one of the reamining few, without letting my hubby know, so he was a little surprised too when I presented it to my little precious boy after bathtime that night. Yes, it was a little out of my way to get there. Yes, I graded fewer papers than I would have otherwise. Yes, I know I could have just bought one the day before and not worried about it, but just look at this little guy’s face as he enjoyed his toy, as well as the brochure that shows all the other toy options. Tell me how I could have resisted that?

And that, my friends, is why I love to give gifts.

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