Much in March

We’ve been busy in the month of March, and more is still left to come. The busyness has been balanced with rest, so that has been nice.

For starters, Thomas has celebrated a birthday already this month. Being

adults with families in different citiesbirthdays have turned into longer celebrations rather than just one day of fun. For the birthday person, this makes the commemorating extend for a week or more, which is always nice. On his actual birthday, Thomas took off for the day, which has begun to become a ritual for him.ically he does whatever he chooses on that day. His birthday fell on one of my teaching days this year, but being that the college I
teach at was on Spring Break, I was able to join in on the fun, sans Daniel, because
we took him to caretaker’s the two days I was off, just to keep him in the same
routine. We had a mid-day date, complete with lunch at Thomas’s favorite place and a movie he had been wanting to see. He and I accounted for 2 of the 4 total people in the theater. All in all, he had a very enjoyable birthday!

I was recently able to participate in something out of the normal daily routine. My cousin’s church had a Ladies’ “Spring Fling,” and she invited me to attend. There were elaborate tables decorated in style (and these pictures are just from a few of the beautiful tables). I am not a crafty person, so seeing these cute, themed tables made me happy. There was a great turn-out and everyone was able to enjoy delicious food and quality conversations, as well as a great speaker……ME! When I was told about the event, I was thoroughly excited to just be in attendance, and then I was asked to be the guest speaker, which added to my enthusiasm. Anytime I get to talk about what the Lord is doing in me, through me, and around me, I can’t help but be pumped. I truly hope the words I shared were absorbed with attentive hearts. Since the event, I’ve been decorating a table in my mind with all the items in my house. Who knows, I may have a mini-Spring Fling at my own home, just so I can use some of my beautiful items that have not seen too much use…….or daylight for that matter.

My SpotSpring Fling Table 1Spring Fling table 2Spring Fling Table 3Spring Fling Table 4

I took Daniel to get his picture taken recently as well. I have been putting this off for too long. He had not had an official photo shoot since he turned a year old, so this was long over-due. Upon calling for an appointment, I was able to secure a morning appointment for the next day. When we walked through the doors of the studio everything for Daniel’s photo shoot was ready. There were also these adorable twin girls that had just completed their session. They had just turned 2, and their parents had brought along balloon bouquets to add as props. Needless to say, the balloons were the first of many distractions for Daniel. Eventually the girls’ daddy took the balloons out to the car, and all kiddos erupted into tears. My little man completely refused to be happy with the staging done by the kind photographer, Matt. When we showed up, there was a rock wall of sorts in front of a spring backdrop. Daniel wanted to have a white rocking chair instead. In an attempt to get just one picture worth printing, I was willing to let him have about anything in the photo, which I soon discovered would include a mini-soccer ball, a stuffed cat, and eventually the rock wall from the start. Fortunate for me, the pop and blink of the flash bulbs made Daniel laugh, hence a few photos of good quality. Before I could even take Daniel to the potty, pack up his wardrobe, and call Thomas to tell him about the experience, my pictures were ready! After that experience, I will not go anywhere else other than Portrait Innovations. To top it all off, they were very appropriately priced.


Add in to the mix some play-dates with friends, trips to the park, the submission of student projects for me to grade, visits with loved ones, a few days for me to be with gal pals, and other such events, you can see we’ve been up to much in March!

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