"Springing Forward"

Recently most folks lost an hour of sleep, due to the time change of daylight savings. I

have been hearing some  complaints about the loss of sleep, but I am perfectly content to have given that 60 minutes away to gain the beauty of extended daylight. No longer will I watch the sun set as I teach. This now means that on the two days I work, I will be home with daylight to spare! Also, this puts us full force towards spring and summer, which make me very happy, for I am all about warmth and sun. I just read a friend’s blog and she mentioned being “tired of the cold.” She does, after all, live in Michigan, so it is logical that the continuation of winter would begin to drain her…..they just got 4 inches of snow over the weekend–sorry Dana :o(.

As for us, we are beginning to relish in nice weather. Daniel and I went to “play” today, which always means we are leaving the house and heading to a park. He was overflowing with excitement as we headed out this morning. It was a good time, minus the fact he wanted me to follow him each and every step of the playground. I am not really in the mood or condition to hunch over and crawl through tunnels. It began to get a little annoying with his requests for me to “come mommy,” especially since I just wanted to sit and watch him play, not play myself.

When we got home, I noticed the cows across the street were out grazing. The view was captivating to me. I liked how their sable hair contrasted with the vibrant yellow buttercups. Once Daniel was down for his nap, I went outside to take a few snapshots. The camera did not capture the colors as well as they truly appeared to my eye, but I think they give a marvelous sign of spring none the less.

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