Is There a Doctor in the House?

Dr. Dan 2 Dr. Dan

Last week when I was sick with Bronchitis, I took Daniel with me to the doctor. In all honesty, I was bit overwhelmed with the sickness, and I did not keep Daniel and his exploratory toddler nature from touching things in the doctor’s office that I knew he shouldn’t handle due to all the germs. Two days later Daniel had some mucus begin to appear in his eye, along with some redness. The pediatrician called in a script to clear it up and noted that it was most likely just a cold that was manifesting in his eye. Turns out that diagnosis was right, and Daniel began to run a HIGH fever, which also presented itself with a cough. I was not certain if the trip to the doctor with me was the origination, but it was certainly a likely culprit.Upon taking Daniel to the doctor, we discovered that he had an intense ear infection along with a red, scratchy throat. Again meds were prescribed, and the little one appeared to quickly be on the mend, minus some snot that has begun to pour from his nose. Today, Daniel is back up and playing. While entertaining himself, Daniel found Thomas’s ipod earphones. He kept bringing them to me and placing the ear bud on my arm or stomach. Although I knew he did not need to be playing with Daddy’s headphones, my curiosity let him keep them a bit longer. Once Daniel moved on to his stuffed animal, “Moosie,” it finally connected with me what he was doing. Moosie and I were being checked by Daniel, just like the doctor had done to him (and me for that matter) a few days prior with the stethoscope. Fortunately, he kept playing Dr. long enough for me to go and grab the camera. You’ve got to give the kiddo credit, for the way he is using the headphones truly does resemble the doctor’s tool.

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