A Christmas Review.

Christmas hair 2 Christmas hair DV Thomas Toy! What a surprise Car pillow All the food! A Christmas Hug? Damien John Brother and Sisters Relaxing Aunt Sue and Aunt Irene Aunt Patty and Summer Ranch and george Pottery platter Little Cason Cousins X-mas Grandmama and Great-Grandaughter Happy Carolyn Gift giver and gift receiver The V Fam

Busy, Busy, Busy. That pretty much sums up our Christmas. Thomas and I counted, and we realized that we participated in seven Christmases. Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn have nothing on us! We had fun at them all, of course, and they are all …

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Light Extravaganza

Opry Lights With daddy's help Opryland fountain video Look at That! Manger Scene Pretty Decorations Opry Decorations Beautiful Lights

Earlier this week the family went to see the Christmas lights at The Opryland Hotel. This hotel is known for its extravagant lights and fancy decorations, and there is much to see when walking through the conservatory portion of the building. Thom…

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