All Aboard!

thomas the train 007We took the little man to “A Day Out with Thomas.” The tickets were not too expensive, and since he is still under 2, we were able to take advantage of him being free, which is always nice. We invited along some family to help add to the fun, and we were very glad to have them along for the ride.

Needless to say, Daniel had a wonderful time. It does my heart such joy to see him happy. I know that he will not remember this day, but I still wanted to take him anyway. It reminds me of what one of my brothers said at Daniel’s first Christmas. I had told them to not get him anything, for he was just under a month old, and there was no way he would recall any of it. They could just save their money. They both got him something anyway, and John wrote in the copy of The Giving Tree he gave Daniel “Your mother told me not to get your anything because she said you would not remember it, which is true, but I will remember it, so I got you something anyway.” Being that we will remember Daniel’s reaction on this day, I am very glad we went, even if he only recalls it via pictures.

thomas the train 017
One of the first things we did was take the train ride. From an adult mindset, this was a little pathetic. The train went s-l-o-w and some of the views were not too intriguing, thus making it just a slow train ride.We had hoped that on the way back to our origination point, the train might speed up a little, but no such luck. This man that you see to the right was one of the people in charge, so I guess that is some indication as to why we were going at a snail’s pace.
thomas the train 012
From a kid mindset, however,
the train was pretty cool, and it provided Daniel with his very first train experience. He liked being able to stand up on the ledge inside the train, which allowed him to see out very easily.

We did make a mistake though. We just got on the train, and we didn’t really let the kids understand who/what was taking them on the journey. It just did not really occur to us to take them to see Thomas first. But we went to see him.thomas the train 032

When we did go and see Thomas, Daniel was sooo happy. Any other parents out there know the feeling? I mean, Daniel was giggling and smiling, waving and bouncing, hugging and glowing. It was such a perfect moment. I got to be the lucky parent to hold him during that experience. The hubby was kind enough to take pictures. I am very glad to have caught his happiness on film–well technically happiness on digital memory card, but you get my drift.

daniel happy trainthomas the train 028

There were other activities to do as well, other than just the train ride. Daniel and his cousin really enjoyed playing on the 7 different Thomas train sets that were set up for the kids.Sharing became a big issue with all those toy trains, but I guess my son did well, for the most part. Some bounce house type activities also added to the fun. Sir Topham Hat was there, but Daniel did not care too much about him, it was just the train that was important.Overall, I am glad that we went, and I will always remember how Daniel radiated happiness that day,even if he has already forgotten!

train close up


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