Because Working for Google is Obviously Not Enough……


One of my dear brothers, John, who works for Google out in sunny California, was on TLC’s new show Master of Dance last night. Since we don’t get the frills of cable television, we did not see it. In an attempt to catch a glimpse of John on the …

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Hello Holiday World!

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The Hubby and I took a few nights away from the kiddo to enjoy some time at Holiday World– water and amusement park- for our anniversary! It was a great time! The park was not very crowded, so we were able to enjoy short or non-existent lines to ride the rides. The park is very family friendly, clean, and very affordable. They have free unlimited soft drinks for goodness sake! All you had to do was go to a “Pepsi Oasis” and grab a cup, filling it up with the beverage of your choice. No catch. The place even offered free sunscreen! Some folks, as identified by their bright red lobster skin, did not take advantage of this perk. We, however, used it to re-lather mid-day.

My ultimate favorite had to be the Bakuli, which means “bowl” in Swahili

When I got off this ride, I giggled like a little girl–seriously. It was so much fun! I could have done that one about 20 times, but alas, we settled for just 2, for it is a brand new water slide, and very popular, thus it had one of the longest lines in the entire park.
The amusement portion of the park, per its name, is divided into holiday sections: Christmas, Fourth of July, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Most of the hard core rides were in the Halloween section, such as “The Legend” and “The Raven.” The literary gal in me liked their little puns. While riding “The Legend” for the second time, our coaster pulled up to about 3 people waiting to get on to ride! They eventually ended up taking one of the coasters off, just operating on one, because the park was just not crowded.

The Thanksgiving section contained their most recent coaster, “The Voyage,” which is themed off of the pilgrims and their journey to the new world. Let’s just say this coaster was not for anyone weak of heart! It is a wooden coaster that is 1.2 miles long, going over 65 miles per hour. It starts off by dropping you 153 feet….right from the get go.  When we got off, Thomas said, “Those poor pilgrims had it bad!” So true. That one made us realize that we are not getting any younger! If you want to take a look yourself, they have a video of folks riding it on their site.
Overall, we really enjoyed the park. We liked that it was less crowded during our trip. Also, being that we got 1/2 off

tickets, soft drinks were free, parking was free, a locker rental (where we stored camera, phones, clothes for the entire day) was 3 bucks, sunscreen was free, and we both ate a filling lunch at the park for under 10 dollars, we had great fun for a low price! What a great way to celebrate.
The downside—Holiday World is pretty much in the middle of nowhere.
And yes, we played skeeball—because I really like it and it was only a quarter a play, so we blew 2 bucks.

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