When the Baby Blogs………..

Daniel is intrigued by the computer, and he is constantly looking for ways to touch the keys on the laptop. Knowing this, I typically try to only use the computer during naptime, but that is not always the case. Last night, I decided I would let my little one bask in the glory of touching the keys.  Here is what Daniel composed:



dddddddkr/r31cg,,nv kufufrujjjjjxhyfdccndcnccnvmtghtg57755555p 5.,f87y y7u buuuuujuj,       nrcnsansqyHHJHAJNAn*zzzzzzzxzzzzzzzxv,

h/hjhhtyjh/d;df,f,f,,ffffff.m  nm,m,       m897buvj8i7e7idbcbbbbbbbbbbbbcxxxxxgxanx xzn  HJ E0057NL


I bet, if we could decipher his code, Daniel has found a way to solve world hunger, and, at the least, he’s figured out what the crap is going on in LOST. Any guess on what this says???? :o)

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