This Should Be Easy……

It should be easy, but that does not mean that it is easy!

All I need is an employment physical.

Thomas and I have decided that I will teach summer school for the month of June. It will only be 19 days of employment, and between our friends up the street and Thomas working from home a few days, childcare is covered. The pay is amazing, so we thought we would jump at the opportunity, pending I got the job. They offered it to me on the spot!! However, we waited a few days….thought and prayed about it….and then we said yes; hence, I need a physical.

We’re not talking an intense physical. For instance: Q#4= Is the person “free from serious auditory defects that would interfere with efficiency in job assignments?” (did you ask me a question?) or, perhaps even Q#5= Is the person “free from other serious physical defects that would interfere with efficiency in required job assignments?” (ummm yeah. just take a quick glance and that one should be answered) See, easy questions; it should be a breeze. However, the Dr’s office(s) had different plans.

Dr stop #1= Haul sleeping baby out of the car, into the empty waiting room. “We don’t take walk-ins. Our first sport for a new patient is in 4 months.” 4 months….are you kidding me?? The place is empty. I will jump on one foot and then your Doc. can sign my form. I need this thing by June 4th! Dejectedly haul sleeping baby back into the car.

Dr stop #2= Go to a walk-in clinic, in order to solve the “we don’t take walk-ins” problem. Also, I got a bit smarter…..I decided to sit in the car and call the office from the numbers found on the door. “Sure, we can do that! No problem.” They don’t take my insurance. Drive away.

Dr stop #3= This place takes my insurance, and it is a walk-in clinic. GREAT. Dial number on the door…..ring, ring, ring, ring, ring……closed for a long Memorial day weekend. At least sleeping baby was not hauled out of the car.

Dr stop #4= Health Department…..I can’t go wrong here. Granted, I may wait a bit, but I can handle that. I am still taking advantage of pulling up and calling from my cell. Ummmm….they won’t serve me because I have insurance! I should have just lied and said “nope, not a lick of insurance.” How ironic is that? I am responsible and have insurance and since I do, I can’t get any services.

Dr stop #5= I called the Infirmary at TTU; someone answers! Yet, they are closed. She is just “filing away the mail” and they will be in next week. The cost is only $25 bucks, insurance or not. This is a good thing. However, even though they will be working Monday, most other places will not be open and they can not run my urine test (the only question of the 5 that requires any type of knowledge or skill); I’ll have to come in on Tuesday. This is a workable situation, but if I can make it happen today, even better! It has to be done before next Friday so that I can start employment on the 4th of June, so the sooner the better.

Dr stop #6= When we lived here the first time, I had a physician, but the year that we’ve been back here, there has been no need for a doctor’s visit. BUT, by stopping here, I could avoid the “we’re not taking new patients” response. I’m already a patient.…aren’t I smart. Anyway, I have managed to let the baby sleep while I’ve phoned all the other offices. This Dr. does not have a phone # on the door, so I have to haul out the sleeping baby and go into the office. As I began to place the carrier on the floor of the office, the diaper bag slid off my shoulder and hit Daniel, thus waking him up! Wonderful. However, I can handle this because I can actually get a physical here. Oh wait….my last visit was in 04…..I have to be entered into the system as a new patient. They are not taking new patients until 3 months out.

Pissed off. Baby is awake. No physical.

So, looooong story short, I hope that I am able to get the Infirmary to work out on Tuesday, because if I don’t, no physical= no job!

Despite all this craziness, I am excited about the 19 days of work. It should be a good experience- financially and professionally.And it can tie me over on my “teaching fix” until I teach my composition class at TTU in the fall. (t/th 8am class anyone???)

(Jason……hurry up and finish school so that I can get your John Hanckock on silly little forms like this. Sarah and Brandy, do you think that they will take a Pharm D signature :o)????)


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