Way to Go Grad!

Thomas’s sister, Michelle, graduated from APSU on Friday @ 2 in the afternoon. Even though this was an awkward time, we wanted to be there to celebrate her 5 years of hard work; so, we made the journey.The Dunn Center where she graduated seemed to be a bit small for all the graduates and their family and friends.

That’s right, we listened to every single name that was called out, and, of course, Michelle was the next to last college to be announced (the one after hers had about 10 people in it) and she was nearly the last name in her college to be announced, being a V and all. We, including Daniel, waited patiently until our turn to yell.

After the ceremony concluded, we made our way outside for some more pics. This one is of my in-laws (Daniel was very impressed with his “Grandpa Tom’s” tie. It spent a great deal of time in Daniel’s mouth):

Michelle decorated her mortarboard in extreme fashion.

Daniel thought everything about her hat was neat, especially the tassel.

Being that he is teething, his favorite thing to do, for better or for worse, is to figure out ways to get something into his mouth. Bound and determined (like his mommy), Daniel kept working until he got the tassel :o)

And that made him very happy!

Way to go Michelle! We are so happy for you! And if you know of a job for someone with a degree in biology, Michelle is the gal for you!

And to close this post, I offer you two more pics of my favorite men in the entire world (note: Thomas took the one of him. I am not sure what he is attempting to do, but I found it cute)


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