Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was a cold Sunday. I did not buy anything special for the day this year, so I just pulled out a sweater for the occasion. I had bought Daniel a little coat at Goodwill before he was born. I just knew the poor thing would be too hot in it. However, the cold weather made the attire perfect.

We went to early service at our church for an Easter musical and headed to Gladeville after the service to spend some time with my mom’s family. Not everyone was there this year, so it was not the typical holiday. Daniel actually ended up being the only little one there, so we just had an egg hunt for him, complete with four plastic Easter eggs and a basket from my Nannie’s wall (yeah….she, for some reason, has baskets on her wall. and we’re not just talkin’ one, we talkin’ near a hundred).

Daniel is what baby people call a “supported sitter,” so he could not even sit up by himself, much less attempt to hunt any eggs! Regardless, we just had to let the little guy get a shot at his first Easter Egg Hunt. He was only slightly amused. It was sold

though, so perhaps he gets an excuse. I couldn’t help but find him cute! Next year he will really be able to go and hunt the eggs.

Altogether, it was nice to spend some time with my family, and especially nice to see my cousins. Sometimes there are so many family members at get-togethers that it almost becomes overwhelming, so this slightly smaller crowd was a good change of pace. I miss being able to see them all frequently.

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