Were Did All the Warmth Go?

We’ve had amazing
weather lately. It has been so nice for the past few weeks, My friend Liz and I have been walking nearly every day. We take our boys, both named Daniel, and we push them in their strollers while we chat and get a work-out. With the sun being so bright, we’ve had them wear their sunglasses. The boys- often called “My Daniel” and “Your Daniel”- are good friends, despite their age difference

Another added bonus of the warmth has been the beautiful blooming flowers and trees. I decided the be all artsy-fartsy the other day and I took Daniel’s picture next to these flowers. (I had to hold him up with one hand and snap the photo with the other) To my advantage, he is a great subject :o)

And, after all this beautiful sunshine and enjoyable weather, it went away and “Old Man Winter” seems to have made his way back. It is going to be in the 20s tonight! Easter is just around the corner and it will be freezing. So much for cute sun dresses and sandals! I miss the warmth!!


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