Our Teething Baby :(

Daniel, at just under 4 months old, is currently cutting about 3 teeth (this is a bit early). He has been working on one for about a month and my mom noticed another spot this weekend. Today, I noticed one more little red swollen lump on his tiny gums. He is normally a well manned and relaxed baby. However, today he had a rough day. He was not really a bad baby, just so sad looking. You could really tell he was tired of the teeth giving him trouble. We were able to give him a bit of Orajel, but he was still somewhat overwhelmed. Luckily, he was able to sleep more than normal, which helped him manage. Yet, while sleeping, he still looked pretty pitiful……just look at the picture! He’s curled up in a little ball within his sleep sack, he has his hand over his face, and he is cuddling a blanket. Too precious. Hopefully his teeth will give him a break soon.


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