The Dénouement

There has been a lot of drama in my life recently (which is something that I am not very use to having). The
drama, fortunately, has not been associated with my home life. It mainly came
from my friends and their lives. There has also been some drama at work.
And even though I work little, the issues there, combined with the craziness
among my friends, have come to consume me, thus becoming worry. At church on
Sunday, Pastor Mike brought a great sermon to the congregation (you can listen to it at the link if you want to know more). He defined worry
as “meditation on the wrong things.” He then said that through this meditation,
“you give thought to your worry….you give it potential.” Then, when “you act in
word or deed to the worry, you’ve given root to that seed of worry in your
life.” He gave us a visual to focus on as he discussed “flinging” your worries
to God. When you give God your worries, he keeps them. The only way that you can
get them back is to go and get them from God. You then essentially say to God “I
don’t believe you can handle it, so I’ve picked my worry back up.” It was such
a good sermon. I thought of the “drama” around me- my thoughts about what might
happen when/if certain things unfold with my friends and at work. I was worried
and there was nothing my worry could do for my friends and their decisions and
actions. There is nothing worry can do for the changes at work. Only prayer can change those things. I should “just fling it” and let God keep my
worries, not taking them back up. He can handle it!!! Hence, the title of my
post: The Denouement. Denouement is just a fancy literary term for the end/resolution/conclusion
of a play. So, it makes perfect sense- the conclusion to my worry and the
little play (a.k.a- the drama) that has been going on all around me.


QotD: This Time Last Year

What were you doing one year ago today?
Submitted by CassandraMorgan.

Thomas and I were savoring the secret of our pregnancy. We were not telling family or friends yet, so we were the only ones to know. I was battling the first trimester exhaustion as I taught high school juniors and coached the boys’ tennis team. Thomas had just accepted his promotion and was working away from me. We were spending about two to three nights a week apart until we could move as a family in May. This was a frustrating part of my life a year ago, but it allowed me to come home from tennis matches and crash, without having to feel guilty.

My how things change in a year!

Our Teething Baby :(

Daniel, at just under 4 months old, is currently cutting about 3 teeth (this is a bit early). He has been working on one for about a month and my mom noticed another spot this weekend. Today, I noticed one more little red swollen lump on his tiny gums. He is normally a well manned and relaxed baby. However, today he had a rough day. He was not really a bad baby, just so sad looking. You could really tell he was tired of the teeth giving him trouble. We were able to give him a bit of Orajel, but he was still somewhat overwhelmed. Luckily, he was able to sleep more than normal, which helped him manage. Yet, while sleeping, he still looked pretty pitiful……just look at the picture! He’s curled up in a little ball within his sleep sack, he has his hand over his face, and he is cuddling a blanket. Too precious. Hopefully his teeth will give him a break soon.

Happy Birthday Thomas!!

Thomas had a birthday on the 10th. Saturday morning he opened gifts at our home. Daniel picked his Daddy out some pajama pants that were not thermal, thus cooler to wear. I got Thomas a new sports watch (he has had his old watch since freshman year of college. it was beginning to look rough!). Next, we headed towards my mom’s so that she could watch Daniel while we saw a movie (she was beyond happy to watch her grandson for a few hours). Upon picking up Daniel, we went to eat at Olive Garden for dinner. At a surprise to Thomas, we were met by Jeff and his wife, Rachel. Although their presence at dinner was a surprise, it was nothing compared to the surprise Thomas received last year on his birthday; he opened a small package that contained a positive pregnancy test! Now that’s a surprise :0) Overall, the birthday boy had a great day. May the Lord bless him with many many more birthdays to come!

Thomas's WatchDaniel's GiftFamily PhotoOlive Garden Surprise

In a Galaxy Far Far Away….

Thomas has always been a huge Star Wars fan. Luckily, I grew up with a Sci-Fi brother and I learned to appreciate such things, even before I knew Thomas was the man for me. Thomas’s sister, knowing his status as a fan of Star Wars, picked up this Darth Vader “Who’s Your Daddy” onsie, before we were even pregnant with Daniel. In keeping with our dorkiness, we brought Daniel home from the hospital in the outfit. Now, however, it actually fits him!

O.K., so that is one portion of this Star Wars post. Here is the second :0). I discovered today, via Vox, that the USPS will be helping celebrate the 30th anniversary of the first Star Wars film (or fourth, depending on how you look at it). Ingeniously, the Postal Service has created R2D2 mailboxes! Now, I am a bit frustrated with the escalating stamp prices, but I guess this creation takes a bit of the sting off of the increases.

Anyway, I know enough of my friends are Star Wars Fans, so I figured that this post was warranted. If you want to know more about the mailboxes, you can check out this link….although it does not tell you too much more than I did!

…….And May the Force be with you……..

"Noodles, Powder, Water, and Meat"

I want to introduce you to a video clip. It is really silly, but guaranteed to make you crack a smile; also, the song has an uncanny ability to get stuck in your head, so be careful. It is called “The Hamburger Dinner Song” . Believe it or not, I know both the guys. And, for better or for worse, the ‘bearded feller’ is my cousin :0). They have quite a following in the world of YouTube.