A Bit Exciting!

When I was pregnant, I ordered a subscription to Pregnancy magazine.

Obviously, since you are only pregnant nine months, a year subscription will find you postpartum. Anyway, the magazine realizes this fact and always includes articles focused on things that you are concerned with once the baby has been born. During the January issue (that I got in early December) there was an article on breastfeeding that was great. The magazine, like others, encourages you to write in when you like or don’t like certain aspects. So, I decided to send them an e-mail. They also suggest that you send a picture that they can possibly include, if they incorporate your comments.

I wrote to the magazine when I got the February issue; Once my March issue came, I flipped directly to the section on “Readers’ Comments” to see if my little blurb made the cut. Sadly, but expectedly, there was nothing written by me. Needless to say, when the April issue came and I began to look through it, I did not turn to the comment section. I just began at page one. However, this month, when I got the page sixteen, I noticed a picture of me and Daniel! I ran over to Thomas and pointed at it. (he was a bit scared by my sudden movement his direction). I was really surprised, but also very happy to see the picture and my words!!! I read my original e-mail to see how much they changed it, and I noticed that only one word was changed and two were deleted, so it is mainly all me. Plus, the picture is big!

As you can tell I am very excited about this. It is really cool to see my words and Thomas’s picture in a REAL magazine.


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